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ASAP scouts out foster homes and pays veterinary, advertising, and mainten-ance costs for homeless animals.  We finance attendant costs so that rescued animals can be fostered and nurtured in homes. They are supported until adopted or permanently placed. We utilize low cost clinics, yet sizeable costs are incurred on an ongoing basis.

ASAP collaborates and works with other organizations.  ASAP sometimes funds some of the cost of needed services. Those gifts can make it affordable for other groups to absorb additional clients (especially grassroots humane organizations on shoestring budgets who help us identify and work with foster homes).

We assist indigent people who seek help with animals. Companion animals can be stalwart friends in difficult circumstances. As means permit, we contribute toward veterinary or other support for animals belonging to people experiencing tribulations. As we help the animals, we also nourish the spirits of their guardians.

ASAP provides basic necessities and interim strategic assistance for people. A person cannot apply for food stamps or stay overnight in a shelter without proper identification. We will pay for birth certificates and related fees for identification. We interact with people, and offer whatever modest help is at our disposal for essential items.

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One of a Kind

ASAP is a prototype for individualized charitable service. With your support more volunteers will be enrolled in our activities, some of whom will finance their own beneficial work. Authorized, preapproved expenditures can be deducted on personal tax returns as contributions to ASAP.

We are developing a model for charitable work that can be imitated anywhere. Your gift will be used judiciously, efficaciously . . . and expeditiously!

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