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How can you help?

ASAP will distribute your donations of food and small items suitable for persons living on the street (e.g. packaged cheese and crackers, stamps, farecards, phone cards and food gift certificates).

ASAP is always looking for people willing to care for cats in their homes until permanent homes can be found. ASAP works with and supports area rescue groups to help find permanent placements for former street cats.

Where will your
donation go?

Here are just a few of ASAP's basic expenses:

  •  FeLV and FIV testing ($30 - $75)
  •  Rabies/distemper shots ($10-$20)
  •  Spaying/neutering ($25-$140)
  •  Newspaper adoption ads ($25)
  •  Food ($10-$20/bag; $20-$30 case)
  •  Beeper service for homeless person  ($58 for six months)
  •  Post office box for homeless person  ($27 for six months)
  • Low-cost storage for person in shelter ($24 for one month)

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The planned closing of Lorton Prison is resulting in cats being left to roam the facility begging for handouts. They wonder what became of their inmate-friend who was relocated to a federal facility (where companion animals are not allowed). One great way to help is to pick up a 20-lb bag of cat food (factory sealed, please). ASAP will get it to the Lorton cats.

[The letter below is from a Lorton resident who (though confined to a wheelchair) looks after many cats there.]

P.O. Box 25
Lorton, VA 22199
Washington D.C. 20006

October 8, 1998

Hey, Joanna:

I thought that I would drop you a line to thank you for the food that Charles gave me. Oh, Iocated your carriers. Charles now has possession of both carriers.

The cats are looking great and I really struggle sometimes in taking care of them, but I manage to get the job completed. I wish that you could get in this place and I would show off some of my feline friends to you.

You will have to arrange with Penny to pickup the two cats that Charles has for you. At that juncture, Penny can call me at work and let me know the pickup time and date.

Do you work with animals as a full time job? Anyway, I really enjoy the work and someday I would like to work with and around animals.

Again, I thank you for all that you try to and actually do to help the animals out down here in Lorton.

Well, Joanna I shall close for now and hope that our work continues.


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Alliance for Stray Animals and People
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