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Alliance for Stray Animals & People
P.O. Box 65438
Washington, D.C. 20035-5438
(202) 331-1330
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Special Needs Felines

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Mister K

Status: Available
Breed: Domestic, shorthair
Color(s): Marmalade Tabby
Size/Weight: Large
Origin: Mister K is currently being cared for but he needs a suitable home FAST! "Owner" is considering putting this sweetheart down...don't let that happen!

Special Need(s): FIV positive

Mr. Big

Status: Available (currently fostering)
Breed: Domestic, shorthair
Color(s): Tuxedo (B&W)
Size/Weight: Small
Origin: Mr. Big hails from Crisfield, MD. He prefers the indoors and Joanna believes his mature look comes from a later-in-life neuter. He's estimated at 3-yrs-old or younger.

Special Need(s): FIV positive


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Alliance for Stray Animals and People
P.O. Box 65438
Washington, D.C. 20035-5438
(202) 331-1330

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